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Welcome to DWS Solicitors

Douglas Wemyss Solicitors is built on a close-knit relationship with our clients. We offer a high quality, unrivalled service by listening to our clients requirements and providing a solution which best fits their needs; ultimately delivering positive results. We specialise in conveyancing and we understand the stresses and strains that moving house can bring.

We will work with you to ensure that the legal side of your move is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At DWS our conveyancers will guide you through your transaction from start to finish; your calls will be answered, timeframes adhered to;
ultimately we offer a no hassle no delay package service. We strive to ensure that all communication is given in English – Not lawyer speak!

Conveyancing in Leicester

Douglas Wemyss Solicitors are a leading law firm offering a high quality conveyancing service to clients across Leicestershire. If you are
looking for conveyancing in Leicester then DWS can help. With a reputation for outstanding levels of customer service, the firm has been
established for over 20 years.

From their high street offices, DWS are ideally situated to provide conveyancing in Leicester and Loughborough as well as to the wider
Leicestershire area including Coalville, Melton Mowbray, Wigston, Markfield, Ibstock, Hinckley and Market Harborough.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Leicester

DWS are a well established conveyancing solicitors in Leicester specialising in residential property conveyancing and related matters including
remortgages and equity transfers. Douglas Wemyss Solicitors also have an excellent reputation in handling commercial property matters.

Douglas Wemyss Solicitors are members of QualitySolicitors, and provide an exceptionally high level of service to their clients. The
QualitySolicitors mark really puts DWS on the map as the leading conveyancing solicitors in Leicester.

Conveyancing Solicitors in Loughborough

Douglas Wemyss Solicitors have an excellent reputation as leading Conveyancing Solicitors in Loughborough, providing residential property
services to clients from across Leicestershire and beyond. Get a quote from us today.

As well as being one of the leading Conveyancing Solicitors in Loughborough, DWS also offer a whole range of other private client services
including family law, wills & probate and personal injury.

Why Choose Us?

- A dedicated team of conveyancers who have many years of experience

- Multi lingual staff for those whose first language is not English

- Easily accessible offices in city centre and a Mobile Legal Service available to clients within the Midlands area - we will come to you

- Unique and Exclusive member of QualitySolicitors Panel

- Out of office hours contact available

- Find a better quote, we'll beat it by 5%


"Quick Conveyancing Quotes provided us with a very competitive quote for our conveyancing. The process was quick, simple and hassle free. Thanks"

DWS Mobile - Legal Services
If you are unable to visit our offices for any reasons, please call us and we will visit you at your home.

Douglas Wemyss are a member firm of QualitySolicitors and are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Douglas Wemyss Solicitors have been successfully established in the Midlands for the past 20 years. We have survived through the ups and downs of the economy, bettered our competitors and have established a large client database not just within the Midlands but widened our client base nationally.

Our clients come to us because of the high quality service and advice we provide them. So much so, that we have been awarded the entitlement to be part of the QualitySolicitors panel. An elite organisation comprising of a panel of solicitors chosen by the public based on outstanding
service levels.

Their selection process is based on valuable public opinion, ensuring that only firms who "provide the highest levels of service" are admitted to
the panel. They have "turned down hundreds of solicitors firms" as they "aren't interested in the good... only the best". DWS are immensely proud to be chosen as a QualitySolicitors firm.

The firm is able to provide legal services across all spheres. Alongside our conveyancing department with specialists dealing with Property
transactions at economical costs on both Residential and Commercial matters, we also specialise in many other areas of Law. Our Business and Commercial department deals with SME's or larger Corporates seeking our advice on their business ventures.

We have a dedicated Personal Injury department using tailor made case management software; they are always one step ahead.

The personal touch will be distinctly noticed within our Family / Wills & Probate department. Our highly experienced solicitors will give you the
best options for your circumstances and take you through it with the least difficulty.

Other areas include:

• Debt Recovery/Management
• Property Disputes
• Insolvency
• Wills and Probate
• Family Law/Matrimonial Law
• Child Care Matters
• Business Purchases/Sales
• Litigation
• Commercial Agreements/Contracts
• Employment

Unique Selling Points

Mobile Legal Services

Our clients sometimes find it difficult to get out and about during office hours especially with the hectic lifestyles most of us lead today. We
make it easy. Why come to us when we can come to you?

We provide 'mobile legal services' i.e. we will come to your house, at a time which suits you to deal with your transaction in the comfort of your own home. Whether that be a little earlier in the morning, before you go work maybe or later in the evening; we are fully flexible to work
around your schedule. (Available within the Midlands area).

No Sale no Fee

Sometimes, it happens where you are all prepped ready for the move, you have found your dream house and the unthinkable happens… the sale falls through. You may have lost out on the house, but you do not have to lose out on your legal fees.

Stay with us on your house sale once you have a purchaser, whenever your ready and we will do the legal work for you without charging the same fees twice.

Unique recognition as QualitySolicitors member

DWS has been chosen as one of a select few unique law firms to be part of the QualitySolicitors panel. QualitySolicitors is an independent body which appoints solicitors onto their panel, to whom they then refer clients looking for solicitors to deal with their legal affairs.

One of the reasons for being appointed onto their panel and having such great feedback from our clients is that our solicitors and staff are readily contactable when you need them.

Quote Match

Everyone has heard the quote match catchphrase - 'find a better quote in writing and we will match it'… yes we will do the same!
However we will reduce that quote by a further 5%, reducing our already competitive fees even more!

Out of office hours contact

One of the reasons for being appointed onto the QS panel and having such great feedback from our clients is that our solicitors and staff are
readily contactable when you need them. We have now taken this one step further.

As well as having the usual, reception number, direct dials, voicemails and direct email details, we will also provide you with mobile numbers so
you can contact your appointed solicitor as needed; during or out of office hours.

Panel Solicitor

A panel solicitor is a firm of solicitors who are on the panel of the mortgage lender. These are firms who have dealt with that particular Bank /
Building Society before and shows the firm has provided high service levels to the bank and the client.

DWS are on the panel of the following lenders:-

Abbey National
Alliance & Leicester
Britannia Building Society
Cheltenham & Gloucester
Coventry Building Society
Halifax & Bank of Scotland
ING Direct
Leeds Building Society
Northern Rock
Principality Building Society
The Melton Mowbray Building Society
The Chelsea

"Douglas Wemyss Solicitors are clear in their approach and always willing to do things face to face. They keep things simple and protect you all the way. I have recommended them many times."
(Entrepreneur and successful businessman, Leicester)

"DWS provides a first class, prompt and efficient service at every opportunity"
(Partner of a Holiday Retreat Company, Norfolk)

"My conveyancing solicitor was hard working and committed to personally ensuring that the sale and purchase of my new home was completed effectively and more importantly on time and to the agreed schedule. It was a real pleasure dealing with DWS and I found the staff to be most professional, courteous, reliable and furthermore available should the need arise to contact them….I would not hesitate whatsoever in recommending DWS to family or friends."
(Sales Director, Wednesbury)

"I have used the conveyancing team at Douglas Wemyss on several occasions, twice when moving and once when re-mortgaging. I was very pleased with the efficient and timely manner in which they dealt with my applications. I would highly recommend the conveyancing team to friends/family and work colleagues. An excellent team and a credit to the company."
(Senior Personal Banking Manager of Lloyds TSB Bank, Blackburn)

"I have been working with Douglas Wemyss Solicitors for over 10 years now. I have always found the staff to be professional, efficient and pleasant to work with. Turnaround period is excellent and I have never come across any problems where conveyancing has been concerned."
(Clients, Loughborough)

Jargon Buster - Common Legal Terms

Completion Date
This is the date that your transaction is legally complete and ownership of the property passes on from the seller to the buyer.
The seller and buyer should discuss dates between themselves and notify their respective solicitors who will try to fit in the formalities with
the suggested date.


This is the agreement between the buyer and the seller. It sets out the main terms of what has been agreed such as the property, the price and
the names of the parties. It also deals with the process if something goes wrong. Rather than making the buyer and the seller meet to sign the
same contract, the seller's solicitor draws up two copies of the same contract, and each party signs their own copy. When both parties are ready to legally commit, the two contracts are exchanged.


The deposit is a sum of money required to be paid to the seller's solicitors by the purchaser when the contracts between the buyer and seller are
ready to be exchanged. The deposit amount is usually 10% of the purchase price but can sometimes be agreed to be less.

Environmental Search

This is a search which is carried out against the property and the area it is in to check if there are any known environmental issues affecting
the property, these include matters such as landfill or waste disposal sites in the area, if the property has been built on an old industrial
site and whether there are any risks from contaminated land, toxic emissions, flooding, subsidence etc.

Fixtures, Fittings and Contents Form

This is a list of the items at the property which are either included or excluded from the agreed sale price. This form is completed at an early
stage by the seller and sent to the buyer, so that both parties understand what is included in the selling price. If you are the seller, when you
let us have the form we will send you a copy back so that you know what you have agreed on it. If you are the buyer we send you a copy of the
form as soon as it is received by ourselves from the sellers solicitors so that any difficulties can be resolved at an early stage.

Land Registry

The Land Registry is the Central body that retains records of who owns the land, and under what conditions. Not all land in England and Wales is registered today. This is partly due to the fact that land can only be registered following certain "triggering events". The Land Registry has
its own website which provides useful information. This is the place where your Title Deeds are retained and where we send your post completion
documents to register the property in your name.

Local Authority Search

This is a list of questions about the property, which are sent to the local authority. It covers issues like whether the road serving the
property should be maintained by the council, whether there have been any planning applications on the property etc. Any adverse entries which
may have come up following the search will be explained to you by your conveyancer.


Purchasers - this is a loan to help you buy the house. Contracts should not be exchanged until an acceptable written mortgage offer has been

When you have a mortgage offer in place which has been confirmed between you and your lender, we will usually be sent a copy of the mortgage offer. We will then forward the mortgage deed to you for signature. The mortgage upon completion is 'attached' to your title deeds, and means that you cannot sell the property without paying it off at the same time.

Sellers – your mortgage details will be on the title deeds when we initially request them from the land registry or will form part of the HIP. We will contact your mortgage lender at an early stage to ask how much it will cost to pay off the mortgage and the exact amount remaining to be
paid off on the mortgage, also known as the 'redemption figure'.

Mortgage Deed

The document which is signed by the buyers to confirm that they are taking up the mortgage and allowing the lenders interest to be registered on the title deeds.

Mortgage Fees

These fees are normally charged for acting on behalf of your bank or building society.


The sum of money to be sent to your mortgage lender to free the property of the mortgage.

Redemption Fee

Penalty sometimes incurred if paying off a mortgage early.

Searches Pack

This specially negotiated search pack includes Local Authority, Water/Drainage and Environmental searches, all for one fixed fee.

Stamp Duty

This is a tax charged by the government, and only affects you if you are buy property for more than £125,000.00. It is paid by the buyer once the
transaction has completed.

The amount of Stamp Duty payable varies depending on the purchase price, and is calculated in percentage terms in the following way:-

£0.00 - £125,000.00 0%
£125,000.00 to £250,000.00 1%
£250,000.00 to £500,000.00 3%
£500,000.00 + 4%

Please note the above will vary for Leasehold properties.


This is a report carried out by a surveyor on the physical state of the property you are buying. If you are buying a property you should be aware
that the property is "sold as seen". It is for you, as the buyer, to discover any physical defects by means of inspections and surveys.

Most houses are bought with the assistance of a mortgage and the bank or building society, will require a mortgage valuation. However, this is
not a survey - it merely ensures that they property is of sufficient value to protect the lender's interest. There are various different types of
surveys which can be carried out ranging from a drive by valuation to a full inspection assessing the ins and outs of the property. Prices of
these surveys range accordingly.

Title Deeds

These documents firstly act as evidence that the person selling the property actually owns it, and secondly set out any rights or obligations
that affect the property.

If you are selling, then valuable time can be saved if your title deeds can be obtained by us at an early stage.

Transfer Deed

This is the document that passes the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer.It is dated with the completion date, and will be sent to the Land Registry after completion. The Land Registry need this deed to change their records, and show the buyer as the new owner of the property.

Water Drainage Search

This provides confirmation of whether the property is connected to a public or private water supply; it provides details of how the property is
billed for the water and wastewater charges (either rateable value or water meter). It also confirms the property's connection to a public sewer,
septic tank or other private disposal facilities and whether the property is close to or is affected by water mains or public sewers.

Are you fully qualified conveyancing solicitors?
Yes, all our conveyancing solicitors are fully qualified with many years of experience. All our solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors
Regulation Authority.

Can I speak to a conveyancing solicitor?
Yes. You will have one dedicated conveyancer looking after your file from start to finish. You will be given their email address and direct dial
telephone number, along with the office general contact numbers on which they are contactable.

Does it matter where I live?
It does not matter at all on your location in the UK because conveyancing can be dealt with over the phone and/or via email. Legal documents can be signed and returned by post. No matter where you live we can get to you the best service and price!

How long will my conveyancing take?
Your conveyancing process will normally take between 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish. However, remember that if you are part of a chain the
conveyancing process may take longer, simply because not everyone works at the same speed.

If you are looking for a quick completion, we will endeavour to make sure your conveyancing solicitor will work with you to speed up your
transaction where possible.

What makes up a conveyancing quote?
A conveyancing quote is made up of four components:

• The solicitor's basic fee
• The admin fee
• Value added tax (VAT)
• The disbursements

Disbursements are usually approximately the same for all quotes, however basic fees can vary.

When should I instruct a conveyancing solicitor?
It is important to instruct a conveyancing solicitor as soon as you accept an offer on your sale or as soon as your offer is accepted on your

How soon will I have to pay for my conveyancing?
When purchasing a property it is quite normal for your conveyancing solicitor to request a payment at the beginning of the process in order to
cover the fees for any searches that may be carried out in relation to the property on your behalf.

Thereafter, before completion, the balance of the solicitors fees are payable along with the amount you have agreed to pay for the property.

When selling a property you do not need to pay anything in advance?
On completion any costs will be deducted from the sale proceeds by your solicitor before the remaining balance is sent to you.

How much deposit will I need?
If you are purchasing a property, upon exchange of contracts it is normal for a deposit to be paid for in the region of 10% of the purchase
price. If you are buying and selling your solicitor can usually use your buyers deposit for your purchase without the need to find a deposit in cash

What are searches?
If you are purchasing a property, searches are checks that are carried out on the property, to determine whether there are any likely external
factors that could cause your property to devalue in the near future after purchase. There are various types of searches that could be carried out. Your conveyancing solicitor will advise which are applicable.

Are environmental searches compulsory?
No, they are not compulsory but are usually recommended. A clean environmental search can be a strong selling point when you plan to put your property up for sale in the future.

Why can the local authority search cost vary from region to region?
The local authority search is a necessary requirement in any purchase. A fee is charged for this search and varies from the relevant district
council in which the property you are purchasing is situated.

Do I need a survey?
If you are obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of your property a valuer will inspect the property on the lenders behalf to see whether it is
worth the amount you are paying for it. This inspection is basic, and is unlikely to alter the purchase price. If you are concerned that the property that you are purchasing is quite old and you are concerned about its condition, you can obtain a full structural survey report.

Can I renegotiate a purchase price based on the results of the survey?
Provided you have not yet exchanged contracts you can use the results of the survey to renegotiate a purchase price especially if the survey
reveals any serious issues.

Can I avoid paying stamp duty?
The amount of Stamp Duty payable varies depending on the purchase price, and is calculated in percentage terms in the following way:-

£0.00 - £125,000.00 0%
£125,000.00 to £250,000.00 1%
£250,000.00 to £500,000.00 3%
£500,000.00 + 4%

Please note the above will vary for Leasehold properties. You may be entitled to a reduction in Stamp Duty if you are a first time buyer.

When do I need to get buildings insurance?
You should arrange to have a buildings insurance policy active from the time contracts are exchanged, unless you are purchasing a leasehold
property where insurance will be put in place by the freeholder, or your mortgage lender is arranging insurance on your behalf. Your solicitor
will need to see a copy of your buildings insurance policy before completion.

Why do I need to give you a copy of my bank statement?
Your solicitor will need to see a copy of your bank statement that shows where your deposit monies are coming from, this is due to Money
Laundering Regulations. The statement will not be seen by anyone other than your solicitor.

What happens with the keys?
The keys are usually left with the estate agent and the buyer collects them once payment for the property has been credited into the account of
the sellers solicitor. If there are no estate agents involved then the seller will hand the keys directly to the buyer.

When will I get the money for the property I am selling?
If you are just selling or there is a surplus to be returned to you after the completion of a joint sale and purchase your solicitor will usually
send this to you the next working day.

If you wish to speak to one of our highly experienced conveyancing solicitors call
us now on 0116 2999 199 or simply fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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